Suggestions To Prevent You From Driving When Fatigued

Suggestions To Prevent You From Driving When Fatigued

Tips To Keep You From Driving When Tired

Being a driver, you are aware that there are certain things you should not do as they are both dangerous and are against the law. If for instance you drive with booze in your circulation or you ignore any speed limits, you can end up with a criminal record. You're also a danger to society as well if you drive with alcohol in your system. Nonetheless, there are occasions as a driver that although you are not doing anything illegal, you could be a danger to yourself and others. Driving whilst fatigued is an instance of this and I am sure you can think of times when you have driven when your eyes feel heavy and you struggle to keep them open. We intend to look at how we can prevent falling asleep while we are driving.

The easiest method to avoid drifting off to sleep while driving is to get enough sleep beforehand. If you are planning to take an extended drive in the morning, you should plan on having a good night's sleep the evening before. The fact remains that this will be different for each person but you need a good amount of rest so that you can remain focused. It is also useful to plan the trip well in advance so that you can avoid getting lost and you have the supplies you need. This should be carried out in advance so that you do not get delayed before your trip as the benefits of having slept well will be diminished.

If you are taking a a long trip, you should take regular breaks to rest your mind and stretch and take snacks to get reenergized. It might be a good idea to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated because fatigue can set in quickly. You should take short naps if you have a chance to do it while on your journey. Should you be with another person, you could both take turns driving so that both of you have the ability to rest. The bottom line is to take breaks when you are starting to get tired while on your extended drive.

You may find yourself in circumstances where you will need to drive back the same day you made the long ride out. Even though you may have prepared yourself when you set out in the morning, could very well be more tired when you have to drive back home. It might be tough when you just had a big meal or you had gone through a grueling and stressful day. In these situations you may just feel you want to get home as soon as you can but if you are feeling tired, you should consider delaying your journey to allow time for a short rest.

To prevent the chance of getting into an accident, you should do what you can to take breaks and rest often while on your long journey.

Basic Theory Test

Passing your Basic Theory Test is the initial step in getting your driving license in Singapore.

Specifically we are referring to motor automobiles Class 3/ 3A/ 3C/ 3CA.

Keep in mind: Class 3C/ Class 3CA are new licenses issued by the Traffic Police effective 1st June 2015.

Making things simpler, despite any kind of Class 3 you will need to clear your Basic Theory Test and Final Theory Test thought your Practical Driving Test varies in terms of the demands of the kind of Class 3 license you are taking.

Whether you are going for Manual or Auto (Class 3/ 3A/ 3C/ 3CA licenses), the Basic Theory Test (Exam) is kept in different generating schools.

Note: You can register as a school student for your basic theory test at CDC even if you intend to work with private driving trainers later on. We recommend you to sign up with the school when you are preparing for your Basic Theory Test.

As a student, you can take more mock (simulated) basic theory test tests 2-3 hours before the actual exam. This will considerably help you in clearing your Basic Theory Test.

Exactly what to cover/ find out in Basic Theory Test/ Exam?

We extremely recommend you buy the Basic Theory of Driving-- The Official Handbook from the school (it comes as a package with the Final Theory Test handbook) when you book for your Basic Theory Test.


Intro to generating (in Singapore), various classes of generating licenses

Singapore Road Signs and Signals (you actually need to memorise all these).

Singapore Traffic Rules and Regulations (again simply pure memorisation).

Standard procedure on the roadway.

Parts and Control of A Car (Basic).

And other nitty gritty information which we will not cover here.

As soon as you clear your Basic Theory Test (you will get your outcomes on the area with a print out), your Basic Theory Test "Pass Results" stays with you for life.

This suggests, you can continue to do the next 2 actions (together if you desire).

1. Get btt test (PDL)-- this allows you to discover useful lessons on the roadways with a licensed generating instructor. Without this PDL, you can not book for your driving lessons.

2. Book your Final Theory Test date. You absolutely have to clear your Basic Theory Test Date prior to reserving for your Final Theory Test Date.

We will help you clear your Basic Theory Test (BTT) with convenience.

Get a Provisional Driving License (PDL)-- this enables you to learn useful lessons on the roads with a qualified driving instructor. Without this PDL, you can not reserve for your driving lessons.

2. Reserve your Final Theory Test date. You definitely require to clear your Basic Theory Test Date before booking for your Final Theory Test Date.

Final Theory Test

The Final Theory Test is actually a lot tricker than the Basic Theory Test in the sense that you will be expected to understand how a manual car work (clutch, brakes and accelerator) together with the various gears.

Even if you are opting for the automobile automobile license (Class 3A), you have to clear the exact same Final Theory Test taken by Class 3 students (Manual and Auto).


We actually feel it's better for you to go to a minimum of 1 to 2 useful lessons with a manual or auto car FIRST prior to taking the FTT. This will provide you a far better appreciation of using the clutch-brake-accelerator mix together with the gear. Quite a lot of concerns in the FTT covers this.

Focus on how the FTT focuses on beverage drinking. Applies a lot of good sense and you can clear a lot of such concerns. Basically do NOT drive and consume!

Areas covered in the Final Theory Test:

Introduction-- safe driving

Operation of vehicle controls. This covers the various fuctions on clutch, brake, accelerator and gears for example.

Basic Driving Techniques covering various safety aspects of driving.

Methods in driving in traffic. Generating uphill and downhide and other information on browsing the traffic.

We really feel it's much better for you to go to at least 1 to 2 practical lessons with a manual or auto vehicle FIRST prior to taking the FTT. Rather a lot of concerns in the FTT covers this.

Applies a lot of common sense and you can clear a lot of such questions.