Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Compounds Attract Interest From Sportsman And Others

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Compounds Attract Interest From Sportsman And Others

Athletes and others who demand the most from themselves typically lead extremely active, engaged lives. All that exertion and expenditure of energy can help tune a person's body into something more resilient and capable, but it can also lead to problems. In some cases, athletes struggle for years with nagging injuries that refuse to heal. In others, the simple advance of age can mean that recovering from workouts becomes a lot more difficult. In some cases, issues of these kinds will be acute enough that a qualified, responsible doctor will prescribe the use of steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. While medicines of this kind can be pure pancreatic enzyme formula in the fight against certain specific conditions, they also tend to produce many negative effects in the process.

As a result, few athletes are ever advised to make use of such drugs for very long, with almost none being counseled to rely on them over the long term. While the dangers associated with steroidal drugs of this general kind are well known, however, there is another class of substances that can produce similar effects without the same drawbacks. Although this family of chemicals is far larger and more diverse than the steroidal ones that many are familiar with, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory substances can be helpful in their own individual ways.

Many of the most promising seeming of these substances have been discovered through the isolation of compounds that already crop up in the natural world. One known as serretia serrapeptase, for instance, was first found by researchers studying the biochemistry of silkworms. After realizing that one commonly circulating enzyme compound bore certain chemical resemblances to a number of anti-inflammatory drugs, they thereafter showed that the substance could be ingested safely by people.

The company best known for this particular compound today is likely Arthur Andrew. By isolating serretia arthur andrew researchers opened up a new option for athletes and others seeking the benefits of anti-inflammatory drugs without the drawbacks typical of steroids. Serretia might not always produce exactly the same effects to the same degree as the various steroidal options, but many have reported that it remains a valuable option to which to have access.

The compound is now also available in other formulations that include a variety of supporting or complementary ingredients. One popular product known as Excellacor, for example, combines the silkworm-derived anti-inflammatory substance with a number of others that are thought to benefit many active people. As a result, a great many have better, more balanced ways of overcoming injuries or age-related recovery problems than before.