Professional Programming Is Directly Linked To Profits

Professional Programming Is Directly Linked To Profits

There are 571 new websites being created every minute or about 822,000 new websites every day. The owner of one of those new websites could be intending to compete directly with you. Today, every aspect of a website needs to stand out from the crowd. website creation is one of the most important of those factors.

Providing an excellent user experience is critical. It's a ranking factor with Google, but users who don't have the good user experience that they expect will not become a lead or a customer.

About 35% of visitors to a website will become frustrated, fail to complete a simple task and abandon the site

Major annoyances are poorly organized websites, busy and confusing interfaces and small or low contrast fonts (not everyone has 20/20 vision)

Websites in the hotel industry tend to have the best Web Design and the highest conversion rates. Banking websites are the worst.

Usability and Trust

Studies have found that there is a direct link between a website's usability and how much a user will trust the website. Users equate a websites that functions poorly with a business that functions poorly.

Large corporate websites have raised the bar for everyone else. It's said that the internet levels the playing field between large and small businesses and to a certain extent that is true. A two-person business can have a website that looks and functions just as well as the website for a corporation employing hundreds.

The important factor, of course, is that unless a small business website looks and function as well as a corporate site, users will not trust it to the degree that will encourage conversions.

Web Design and Profits

Web design is employed in every website whether the owner uses a cookie-cutter theme or has a custom-designed website. The design is an integral part of the architecture of the website but can either hurt or help.

People have very short attention spans and will abandon a website in 10 seconds or less if they do not immediately see what they're looking for

Utilizing the best possible SEO (search engine optimization) will have your website appear high on the page after a search

An attractive website is absolutely essential, but flashy elements are distracting and annoying

Web design and layout encourage conversions by encouraging the user to perform the desired action

A strong, professional Web Design helps to build a strong brand

Responsive web design puts the website and the business in front of more customers

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